Th8ta° Separation

Australian based Theta Guardian Node.


Hardware is Key!

We have invested in significant computer hardware to establish a network of Guardian nodes. Our primary nodes are HP Proliant Servers with dual Xeon processors and are kept online with two independent NBN internet connections.


Maximum Uptime!

We run our primary Theta Guardian nodes from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We also have redundancy nodes operating in the Scenic Rim and Moreton Bay regions. We aim to secure uptime if one area is subject to network or power outages.


Like Minded People!

We are not a big business trying to make a profit, we are like minded people trying to avoid the massive fees that some Guardian Node hosts are charging.

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We will never...

  • Ask for your seed phrase.
  • Ask to log in to your PC via TeamViewer or similar programs.
  • Ask you to provide your keystore file and/or password.
  • Ask you for your personal information.
  • Ask you to send Theta, Tfuel or any other Crypto to us.


In the Theta blockchain, Validator Nodes propose and produce new blocks in the chain, while Guardian Nodes seal blocks and act as a check on malicious or otherwise non-functional Validator Nodes. Guardian nodes play important roles to protect the security of the Theta blockchain as they form a second layer defense against potential malicious attackers.

The first reason most people stake Theta is for the Tfuel rewards, but more importantly your stake helps strengthen the Guardian nodes and secure the Theta Network.

You can stake your Theta from your Official Theta wallet at

Our Th8ta Separation Guardian node is listed in the “Delegated Guardian Node” list.

You can also stake by using our QR code, and our Guardian Node Holder Summary. Both are shown below.

Your Tfuel rewards are based on how much Theta you stake, and the uptime of the Guardian node you are staked too. When you stake, and withdraw your stake, this is all done from your Official Theta Wallet. So even if the node you have staked to goes offline, you can still remove your stake. You will need to wait the withdraw stake block time (approx 55 hours), and then you can restake. See our other FAQ on how to withdraw your stake.

This process is similar to the staking process…

– Go to your official Theta Wallet and select the “Stakes” tab.

– Click the option to “withdraw stake”

– Choose “Guardian Node” from the list.

– Ensure you have 0.3 Tfuel in your Theta Wallet to complete the transaction.

Note – You will be asked for your “Guardian Node Address (Holder)”. This is displayed as the “Holder” before you click to withdraw your stake. Be sure to copy this beforehand.

*There is a withdrawal period of approximately 55 hours. This time is based on the Theta Blockchain, and not our Th8ta Separation servers.

We do not charge a fee to stake to our Guardian node. We run our nodes in existing business sites so we currently have no ongoing costs. Our nodes have been funded by our own Tfuel staking rewards and sponsors. We will give notice if this was to change in the future.

Stake to our Guardian Node via Scanning QR code.

Guardian Node Holder Summary


Nothing on our site is, or is intended to be, financial advice. Do your own research, be vigilant, and stay safe online.

We always strive for 100% uptime and statistics however we cannot guarantee them.

Donations are always appreciated.

Theta and Tfuel – 0x9a3aa2046d824c5efff648cf3936082a6aa5e48f

Theta and Tfuel TNS – th8ta.theta

VRA – 0x3853a481d1D5DB5fF30906c55d8B94d8809B4dF8

RVN – RSh3xZdyZjQhq34i588RdKDQKDUuiiovf3

ETH – 0xe9d442fC4e5Afd183B52242BD130A38d3Bde3822


TH8TA Token Contract Address: 0x79c06255e40a35bee0ccbe625245ac54a2c1f3e2 – 18 Decimals